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About Us

We are a full service, professional moving and installation company operating throughout the state of California. GIMS workers are highly skilled, knowledgeable of building and safety codes and well trained in panel installation and modular office construction. If it has to do with the safety, comfort, beauty and efficiency of your office work environment, GIMS workers have the tools and skills necessary to make it happen.

  • Employees - All installers are employees of our company. We do not subcontract. We have created a workplace with sustainable wages and benefits where all full time workers and their families have access to company health insurance benefits for themselves and their families.

  • Background Checks and Drug Policy - Our employees are put through a thorough background check prior to being hired. In addition, we have a clearly stated and absolute “ No Tolerance” policy for drug and alcohol use.

  • Training - Our installers are professionals who undergo stringent training and attend monthly training meetings to remain in the forefront of safety, efficiency and new techniques. These employees are experienced with most major brands of systems furniture.

  • Uniforms - Uniforms are provided to all of our installation and moving staff. Our installers wear short-sleeve brown work shirts with our logo sewn on the front. There is also a green work T-shirt with the company logo and name screened on in gold letters. Black or green pants are required. Good manners, good hygiene, and a professional and courteous demeanor are all standard for GIMS crew members.

  • Photo ID - Photo ID badges are given to the entire GIMS staff. These badges ensure that the individual is a member of our company and has passed all requirements for employment at Galindo Installation & Moving Services.

  • Equipment - From our 24 ft. straight trucks with lift gates, to our blanket and shrink-wrapped handling of your valuables, GIMS uses the most modern installation and relocation equipment available on the market today. Included in your service, are dollies, computer carts, panel carts, book carts, panel skates and building protection. We also provide moving cartons, zip-lock bags and specialty packing boxes for rock bottom prices.

Service Available 24 Hours a Day